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We’re home

We just got home after 40+ hours of traveling. Perth to Sydney to Honolulu to LA to Dallas and finally home sweet home. There’s something calming when you walk through that front door. I came home to a sweet note from my grandkids, daughter-in-law and son welcoming us home and groceries bought by my other daughter-in-law. Thanks for wanting us home, we are glad we are here. For now we are just going to hunker down and get some rest. Tomorrow, I’ve got a little of Scarlett in me, we’ll be able to let the reality sink in, maybe even go to Senior grocery shopping. All of this has made me realize we are really old. Thanks for all of your prayers we felt them, we know that God has protected us. I find myself praying all the time. On the airplane is was a little different, not much talking just kind of people being to themself. You could just feel something, maybe tension. Some people totally masked and gloved out others no gloves or mask but definitely distancing themselves from others. I sat by this young girl from LA to Dallas, we didn’t talk the whole way but when we got up to deplane she ask if Dallas was my final destination, I said no we are going to Nashville. I told her we had been awake for about 36 hours and were exhausted. Maybe making an excuse for not talking during the trip, but trying to be polite, I ask her if she lived in Dallas. She said no she lived in St Petersburg, Florida. She, too, had a long time before she would be getting home. Then she told me she had flown out to California with her job just to find out she would be laid off tomorrow. I felt so bad that we didn’t talk during our journey. I found myself praying for her and wished I had ask her name so I could use her name when I prayed. So many people are hurting and I’m sure stressed out. Yes, our World Cruise was disappointing but in the scheme of things so minor. We are thankful that our family is healthy and we are safe. There are so many things to be thankful for so I’m going to get some sleep and “Tomorrow”

We send our love and I guess this will be our last blog.????
Ron and Caye


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Is this a bad dream?

Maybe a nightmare

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Dear Friends and Family,
It’s been another crazy day at sea. We woke up this morning to familiar bells coming over the intercom. I’ve come to hate the sound. I say to myself what’s coming now. They don’t come into your suite to make announcements unless it’s really important. This morning it was the captain. He starts off by apologizing into coming into your room and then he says, “Australia is closing it’s ports. We won’t be able to go into port at Fremantle (Perth) today we will anchor out of port until the Queen Mary is able to disembark their World Cruise Passengers, we will go into port early on the morning or the 17th.” Instead of us disembarking on the 19th we must all disembark at 10 AM on the 17th. Now we have 400 passengers on this ship that had just spent a whole day trying to get flights out of Perth on the 19th and 20th and now they’re telling us we need to redo our flights to get out of Perth earlier. Not only the flights but we thought we had several days to pack but we needed to have everything packed and outside our rooms by 11 PM tonight. Guess what I’ve been doing today? The cruise ships are lined up behind us. When we leave Chrystal will come in; then I think there is a Costa ship. Perth is about to be overrun with cruise ship passengers. Airports are going to be crazy.

Instead of saying goodbye to all our friends that we have been traveling with for over two months, I’m in the room trying to stuff too much stuff into our bags. We thought we would have two empty suitcases by the end of the cruise. All those toiletries we brought we still have more then half left. Then when you add up a few things you have bought along the way and you were stuffed to begin with it’s hard to put in back in the suitcases you bought. I was all for donating some of those items to the crew but Ron wouldn’t have anything do with that. Here I’m looking for space in the suitcases and he’s putting half used soap, peanut butter and crackers into the suitcase. Anyway it’s 11;45 we just got the suitcases out and he’s sound asleep. We will be staying in Perth tomorrow night and flying out 1st thing in the morning on the 18th. We have decided to fly to Honolulu and stay in a resort called Ko Olina. We will be there for about 10 days and then try and fly home. I called the resort this morning to make sure that when we get there that we would be able to find grocery stores with food, restaurants open, etc. they said that the panic had not reach Hawaii yet, that could be a big yet. There haven’t been many cases so let’s hope we don’t bring them bad luck. It seems to be following us.

Everything is going so fast, when we talk to our kids they say it’s a crazy world we are walking back into. It seems like we have been in this little bubble, very isolated. Ron and I were so hoping that we could say we had completed this trip and marked it off our bucket list. It just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know if we will take on this large of a trip again. We do have a cruise set up for August ‘21. It will only be about 70 days which is what this one has ended up being. Hopefully, the world will recover and we can start back traveling. We are suppose to go on a River Cruise in July with our church but Ron and I don’t think it will happen. We’ll see.

This trip has been an adventure, everyday things changed but there have been memories we will never forget. There are four couples from this cruise that have also scheduled for the cruise we have reserved in ‘21. So I know we will see these new friends again. Life is too short to let this get us down and negative so we are going to keep on going as long as the good lord allows us too.

I’m not sure if I will be blogging in Hawaii but I may so stay in touch.

love to all,
Ron and Caye

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All good things must come to an end

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Well Friends, our World Cruise is coming to an end. Yesterday there was a town meeting with all the World Cruisers , the Captain, General Manager and the doctor on the ship. There was discussion about our new itinerary and questions from the guest. We left the meeting feeling good about our decision to stay on the ship until we return to Miami on the 17th of May. This morning around 7 AM we found a letter from the captain on our door. The letter read that they were canceling the World Cruise effective March 19th in Perth, Australia. Saying I was disappointed is an understatement, we were then faced with how in the world are we getting home. Ron and I both had different emotions and to be quite honest, we weren’t on the same page. We were going home, not going home, going to St Lucia, going to Tahiti, that itself was very taxing. Those of you that know us, well, know that Ron and I react to things totally different. We usually come out thinking alike but it takes us awhile to get there. The passengers that had decided to come home had had a day ahead of us to get flights home. We knew it would be challenging. We had already heard people were having to get flights that you were traveling 32 hours, 42 hours traveling through places most people don’t want to travel to. Now there were maybe 200/150 more people that were going to get flights through Perth, Australia. Our travel agent, Laura Baker, got on it immediately. We had some choices. Poor Laura has been through it. She says in on the years she has been in the business she has never seen anything like this. Anyway, when Ron and I finally were able to take a breath we decided it would be good for us if we could give this a little time to settle down but it would be best if we could get on US soil. We have decided to fly from here to Hawaii spend a week or so then relook at everything.

There were several things that went into our decision. We have heard from home that everything in Nashville is absolutely chaotic. We can’t stay in Australia off the ship more then two nights because of the Visas we got. We didn’t do our airfare through Regent because we were just traveling to Miami and back home to Miami so we used our AA miles. So we were basically on our own. Regent says they will reimburse us within reason . We can’t get an answer to what is reasonable. The airfare from Perth to Nashville was astronomical. Our flight to Honolulu is a 1/3 of that. When we get to Hawaii we can use our AA award milages to get home. We had planned to be gone for another 2 months so stretching this out maybe will help us get over the disappointment of our trip coming to a sudden end. Hawaii seems to be not as bad but we know that will probably change. We are trying to be very vigilant in making the safest decision for us so we just ask for your prayers that we have made the right one.

We hope all at home are doing well. Please slow down and take caution about your activities. Who would have ever thought when this started we would be where we are. If anything we know life can be fragile so tell your love ones how much you love them. We will keep in touch.

God Bless,
Ron and Caye

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sunny 80 °F

When you are given Lemons make Lemonade! We started this journey 66 days ago, we had planned to do things we never had done before; visit India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Holy Land, see the Egyptian Pyramids, none of those things are going to happen. We have known this for several days; today we found out what we will PROBABLY, I say probably because it’s still not definite, do. I’ve attached our itinerary and you will see we are going considerably off course. We will leave Australia on March 19 and head toward South Africa. We did some of these ports a few years ago and there will be some new ones. They have given us the opportunity debark in Perth, Australia and fly home. We have weighted over our options and have decided to remain on the ship. When you consider the environment we are in, this ship is the safest place for us to be. The last thing we want to do is to get off in Perth and get on an airplane and fly home. The way things are going the chance that someone on the airplane having this virus is much more likely then having someone on this ship. We have now been together since Miami, yes we have had our coughs and sneezes, but no Coronavirus. There will be a Town Hall meeting with the captain tomorrow for passengers to ask questions and hopefully, get answers. We have heard anywhere from 100 to 150 World Cruisers will get off in Perth, there will be another 100 to 150 passengers that were planning on getting off. We could get down to about 150 people on a ship that holds about 730 passengers. There will be some services that will change. We won’t be getting a new Bridge Instructor getting on, now I won’t be taking bridge lessons from the Barbara Seagrams who was suppose to get on in Rome she has now canceled.

Here is the good news, we are still living a dream, we will still see places we have never seen before and with God’s help we will return home on May 17th safe and healthy. We are still kind of digesting all of this but believe we are making the best decision for us. We appreciate all the prayers we have received and the concerns you have shown. Most of know we are having a fun time, enjoying our new friends, who most are staying on, so stay tune and we will keep you informed on our little saga.

The only thing I might need is larger clothes, getting a little tight. I have found if you stand in front of the elevator door a certain way it makes you look very skinny so I try and do that at least once a day. Of course Ron just goes up and walks 5 miles, I think I get plenty of exercise just standing in front of the elevator myself, picture included????????

Love to everyone and stay safe,
Ron and Caye


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We are waiting, waiting, waiting!!

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We have been waiting for Miami to tell us what they are going to do with us. We thought by today we would have something in hand giving us options on where we go from here. Here are the things we know: we aren’t going to Sir Lanka, India, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi Italy or Dubai. It’s a very fluid situation.

Yesterday, was one of my favorite days. We were in Adelaide, Australia. We visited a Wildlife Park. We got to feed and pet the kangaroos and Koala Bears. That Koala is cute as everything. A good question for the grandkids, what is a marsupial? Answer with the right answer and there will be a prize$. I know you know this one but how about nocturnal? You kids need to make the grandparents trip around the World an educational one for you.

Today we were on Kangaroo Island, about 2/3 ‘s of there animals were lost in the wildfires. So very sad, no where for them to go. Tomorrow we will be at Port Lincoln, Australia. It is suppose to be the seafood capital of the world. We are visiting a maritime museum.

Hopefully, we will be given more information on where this cruise is going. Most people on the ship are satisfied, it’s just not knowing that is bothering us. TODAY WE ARE 50% into the cruise, we just hope they don’t send us home. That would be sad.

Love to all of our dear family and friends
Ron and Caye

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