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Dear Friends and Family,
It’s been another crazy day at sea. We woke up this morning to familiar bells coming over the intercom. I’ve come to hate the sound. I say to myself what’s coming now. They don’t come into your suite to make announcements unless it’s really important. This morning it was the captain. He starts off by apologizing into coming into your room and then he says, “Australia is closing it’s ports. We won’t be able to go into port at Fremantle (Perth) today we will anchor out of port until the Queen Mary is able to disembark their World Cruise Passengers, we will go into port early on the morning or the 17th.” Instead of us disembarking on the 19th we must all disembark at 10 AM on the 17th. Now we have 400 passengers on this ship that had just spent a whole day trying to get flights out of Perth on the 19th and 20th and now they’re telling us we need to redo our flights to get out of Perth earlier. Not only the flights but we thought we had several days to pack but we needed to have everything packed and outside our rooms by 11 PM tonight. Guess what I’ve been doing today? The cruise ships are lined up behind us. When we leave Chrystal will come in; then I think there is a Costa ship. Perth is about to be overrun with cruise ship passengers. Airports are going to be crazy.

Instead of saying goodbye to all our friends that we have been traveling with for over two months, I’m in the room trying to stuff too much stuff into our bags. We thought we would have two empty suitcases by the end of the cruise. All those toiletries we brought we still have more then half left. Then when you add up a few things you have bought along the way and you were stuffed to begin with it’s hard to put in back in the suitcases you bought. I was all for donating some of those items to the crew but Ron wouldn’t have anything do with that. Here I’m looking for space in the suitcases and he’s putting half used soap, peanut butter and crackers into the suitcase. Anyway it’s 11;45 we just got the suitcases out and he’s sound asleep. We will be staying in Perth tomorrow night and flying out 1st thing in the morning on the 18th. We have decided to fly to Honolulu and stay in a resort called Ko Olina. We will be there for about 10 days and then try and fly home. I called the resort this morning to make sure that when we get there that we would be able to find grocery stores with food, restaurants open, etc. they said that the panic had not reach Hawaii yet, that could be a big yet. There haven’t been many cases so let’s hope we don’t bring them bad luck. It seems to be following us.

Everything is going so fast, when we talk to our kids they say it’s a crazy world we are walking back into. It seems like we have been in this little bubble, very isolated. Ron and I were so hoping that we could say we had completed this trip and marked it off our bucket list. It just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know if we will take on this large of a trip again. We do have a cruise set up for August ‘21. It will only be about 70 days which is what this one has ended up being. Hopefully, the world will recover and we can start back traveling. We are suppose to go on a River Cruise in July with our church but Ron and I don’t think it will happen. We’ll see.

This trip has been an adventure, everyday things changed but there have been memories we will never forget. There are four couples from this cruise that have also scheduled for the cruise we have reserved in ‘21. So I know we will see these new friends again. Life is too short to let this get us down and negative so we are going to keep on going as long as the good lord allows us too.

I’m not sure if I will be blogging in Hawaii but I may so stay in touch.

love to all,
Ron and Caye

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